Overcoming Pain and Injury – One to One

IFA can help you to significantly improve your daily life:


  • relieve pain
  • overcome certain injuries
  • restore your vitality
  • reduce/conquer bodily restrictions and limitations
  • enhance your sense of well-being and confidence
Overcoming Pain and Injury – One to One
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There was an immediate improvement

I worked with Robin on a rotator cuff injury for which I had an MRI and was advised to have surgery by two different doctors. It was causing me significant pain and it was difficult to sleep. Robin guided me through Qigong therapy focusing on one particular exercise. There was an immediate improvement and 3 weeks later after following Robin’s daily routine I was 95% improved, with no pain and pretty much full range of motion returned. I am very happy and thankful that I did not have that surgery!

Jon Nash
Retired Professional – Thailand

Overcoming Pain and Injury – One to One

I have found that it is quite common for people to resign themselves into accepting the lingering limitations and pain from acute or chronic injuries or post-surgical conditions.

They have conceded that this has become their new situation in life and that they will never be able to completely recover and regain the health and vitality that they previously enjoyed. They become trapped by their own victim consciousness.


IFA has been able to help many people to overcome these challenges and resume normal function.

                     in the comfort of your own home

Getting Started is Easy

Here is the step-by-step process:
  1. Send me a message with details about your issues and concerns
  2. I will respond within 3 business days and let you know if IFA could work for you
  3. If “yes”, we will set up a free consultation to discuss you options
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