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Re-charge yourself with this SIMPLE and EFFECTIVE  Qigong exercise


Many people feel that modern life is becoming more and more stressful. This simple exercise can help release the pressure.


The breakneck speed of life can also leave you feeling drained and depleted. Qigong is known for its energising qualities. 

Physically STIFF?

Today, we sit in cars, behind desks and on the sofa for extended periods causing us to lose mobility. The exercise in this program gets you moving.

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The breathing methods Robin taught me really work. I was able to really relax, empty my mind and get new levels of focus and clarity.”

Ben, Pro Drummer

About The FREE program

What’s Qigong? 

Easier to learn than Yoga. Quicker than Tai Chi. More fun than Meditation.

Originally from China, Qigong is the ancient art and modern science of energy management. It combines breathing, meditation and movement and has been developed over many centuries to improve health. vitality and mental clarity.

Robin’s routines re-charge and re-fresh every time..”

Wijnand, Senior Executive

“It only takes me a few minutes, is incredibly enjoyable and it works..”

Brendan, Psychotherapist

Why Choose Infinite Flow

About Robin

Robin Gamble is Wellness and Performance practitioner and consultant with nearly two decades of experience in Eastern healing, meditative, martial, and philosophical practices.

 He is the author of “The Power of Tai Chi Chuan”, and an advanced instructor under the Tai Chi Union of Great Britain. 

Robin was inspired to create  Infinite Flow after many years of observing the impressive results accomplished by his teachers, many of whom enjoy amazing levels of vitality and longevity; and was driven by a strong desire to share his knowledge, skills, and personal success in order to help others improve their health, vitality, and inner calm.


Ready to Make a Change?


“A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.”


If you want better health, more energy and a calmer mind, high quality Qigong can deliver. Just take the step.



What People Are Saying

“Robin’s Qigong instruction delivers results”


Retired Professional

Robin has amazing vitality and his course is well designed.”


Managing Director

His approach and skill in teaching is due to his years of training.”