The Client Self-Study Portal

Whether you have trained with me in person, online, by video conferencing, or attended an intensive IFA program, this portal should prove to be an invaluable refresher and adjunct to your personal training regimen.

It includes important lessons like:

  • How and when to train
  • Tips on how to build a training habit
  • The 5 Steps to high level training and benefits

And all of this is accessible to you anywhere you have your mobile device.

One of the biggest challenges after engaging an intensive IFA training
program is remembering all the content you’ve learned. Once you join the
Client Self Training Portal, you never have to worry about that again. I
have organised all of the most important IFA movements into relevant,
easy to follow sections, and once you sign up to this Subscription,
you’ve got instant access to it whenever you want.


The Portal includes:

  • The 18 Lohans
  • The 8 Pieces of Brocade
  • The 5 Animal Play
  • The Art of Flexible Legs
  • Fundamental Tai Chi Movements
  • Ground Mobility Exercises
  • And more…

Please note, the portal is not designed as a place to learn new content,
but as a place to “review” content you have already learned.
Join today and keep moving forward with your IFA training and personal
wellness program.