The Infinite Flow Mission

Infinite Flow is dedicated to promoting sustainable wellness and an enhanced sense of well-being using healing, meditative, martial, and philosophical practices from the East.

Through coaching, workshops, retreats, online learning, and corporate training we partner with people who are willing to take ownership of their own health.

Our goal is to achieve measurable and long-lasting results in stress and anxiety management, healing, and increased mobility and vitality.

We bridge the gap between Eastern wisdom and modern living to help people pursue the path of a life well lived.

Who is Robin Gamble?

Robin Gamble is Wellness and Performance practitioner and consultant with nearly two decades of experience in Eastern healing, meditative, martial, and philosophical practices.

 He is the author of “The Power of Tai Chi Chuan”, and an advanced instructor under the Tai Chi Union of Great Britain. 

Robin was inspired to create  Infinite Flow after many years of observing the impressive results accomplished by his teachers, many of whom enjoy amazing levels of vitality and longevity; and was driven by a strong desire to share his knowledge, skills, and personal success in order to help others improve their health, vitality, and inner calm.

Over the years, Robin has experienced many profound and beneficial changes in his own health and personal life. Specifically he has developed and applied certain philosophical, meditative, and martial techniques:

  • To maintain a calm and focused demeanour, even under highly stressful conditions, and when performing and speaking in public. 
  • To foster his own personal health and wellbeing through the application of powerful healing techniques to overcome injury and illness.
  • As a guide through personal relationships and as a moral compass through life.

He coined the term Infinite Flow Approach (IFA) to encapsulate the totality of his training, knowledge, and skills for the promotion of wellness for others.

IFA  serves individuals and groups through personal coaching, workshops, retreats, and corporate work.

Qi Gong training

What are the most effective IFA interventions?


Typically, most people with wellness issues require several in-person coaching sessions. This is the most effective way to train with Robin as he can tailor his Infinite Flow Approach to your specific wellness needs; and develop a personalised action plan so that you can maintain health, mobility, and vitality. That being said, many people experience significant improvement within 1-3 sessions.

If time, distance, and geography present a challenge no need to be discouraged – no problem. Robin has effectively worked with many clients via Skype video conferencing.

Tailored Retreats

An IFA retreat of 2-5 days with specific wellness goals is a fun and effective way to improve your health and vitality in a group setting with ample opportunity provided to address individual concerns as well.

One Day Workshops

Several times a year IFA sponsors one-day workshops which focus on a particular topic and a specific goal. For example:

*Crushing Office Syndrome

*How to Dramatically Improve Mobility

*Overcoming Workplace Anxiety 

Corporate Workshops

IFA also conducts corporate workshops, typically spread over a year, which are tailored to the specific needs of the organisation. 

This intervention includes aids for developing self-assessment and practice in between the workshops such as:

*Goal setting and progress charts

*Online video learning resources

*Direct email access to Robin

Online Training

For those who are interested in IFA but can’t find the time to participate, or for clients that have previously worked in person with Robin and want to continue IFA with a self-practice resource, we offer online courses in specific and helpful topics for busy homemakers and professionals –