Need an energy boost?

Learn how infinite flow can help Harmonise Heath & Optimise Performance


Does this sound like you?

Do you suffer from:

  • Stress and Anxiety
  • Chronic Aches and Pains
  • Low Energy

Do you want to improve your:

  • Focus and Calmness
  • Mobility 
  • Vitality and sense of Well-being

Infinite Flow could be just what you need! 


Infinite Flow

Qi Gong Sussex

The Infinite Flow Mission

Infinite Flow is dedicated to promoting sustainable wellness and an enhanced sense of well-being using healing, meditative, martial, and philosophical practices from the East.

Through coaching, workshops, retreats, online learning, and corporate training we partner with people who are willing to take ownership of their own health.

Our goal is to achieve measurable and long-lasting results in stress and anxiety management, healing, and increased mobility and vitality.

We bridge the gap between Eastern wisdom and modern living to help people pursue the path of a life well lived.

Overcoming Pain and Injury

qi gong infinite flow

Heal and Perform Better

If you have pain, bodily restrictions or limitations perhaps you could benefit from a wellness intervention using the Infinite Flow Approach.

Online Programs

qi gong infinite flow

Take Control of Your Health In Your Own Home

Traditionally it has been difficult to find qualified teachers of Eastern health practices, now things have changed.  Train with Robin, online, today.


qi gong infinite flow corporate

Develop Your Organisation

Work related stress costs the UK alone £2.4 billion a year.  Infinite Flow neutralises work place stress and supports the pursuit of peak performance.

These breathing methods work!

The breathing methods Robin taught me really work. I was able to really relax, empty my mind and get new levels of focus and clarity. The routine doesn’t take long and it’s helped me play even better than usual when I’m on tour. Robin’s IFA is highly recommended, especially if results and performance matter to you.

Professional Drummer – U.K.


“If you are feeling bad about workplace anxiety, have aches or pains, are suffering from office syndrome or need to improve your mobility, send me a message and let’s start a conversation” -Robin Gamble